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ITandFactory GmbH releases ‘Visio® P&ID Process Designer’ – An Intelligent and Database-driven PFD/P&ID Solution on Microsoft Visio®

Bad Soden, October, 2016

ITandFactory GmbH today announced the release of ‘Visio® P&ID Process Designer’ – an easy to use, smart, and object-oriented database-driven solution for process engineers to create Process Flow Diagrams (PFDs) and P&IDs. The product is independent of any CAD application and works as an add-on to the Microsoft Visio® solution.

Visio® P&ID Process Designer comes with various industry standard P&ID symbols / libraries, spec-driven pipelines, various automatic functions, built-in revision management & reports generation capabilities and quality checking tools.

Michael Bruckner, Technical Director at ITandFactory shared, “As a process engineer myself, I have seen that process engineers spend lot of time in developing preliminary or proposal PFD/P&IDs and do not have easy-to-use tools to help them in improving their productivity. CAD systems are good for engineering activities. Microsoft Visio® is mostly used for PFD/P&IDs. Our Visio® P&ID Process Designer enhances Visio® with intelligence and various automatic functions to improve productivity of process designers”.

He added, “Key functionalities like AutoTag / AutoSnap / AutoLegend to the Visio® platform have been provided and users can export their drawings to DWG or PDF formats. Strong revision management and reports generation capabilities save significant time & efforts for process designers. I believe that this low-cost add-on product could potentially reduce the time taken by upto 50%. Users do not need any CAD knowledge and will be able to use the product after 2 - 4 hours online training.”

The Visio® P&ID Process Designer is available in English and German languages and will be available for purchase & download from its website from October 01 2016. Along with the software, users receive a comprehensive User Manual for self-learning. Users can also subscribe for the Annual Hotline Service for a nominal fee.

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